Canon IPF 8300S Double Sided Proofer
Canon IPF 8300S Double Sided Proofer
Equipped with an 8-Color LUCIA EX ink set, 160GB hard drive, built-in calibration and 44" borderless printing.  An extremely versatile solution on providing high quality contract proofs. 
Epson Styles 9900 Pro
  • Print on both roll or flat sheet up to 44" wide
  • High Resolution printing capabilities of 2880 x 1440 DPI and Droplet size down to 3.5 picoliters
  • Driven by Oris Color Tuner
Epson Styles 9900 Pro
pressSIGN Pro Press Management & Verification Software
pressSIGN Pro Press Management & Verification Software
  • Scores the measurement against the print target giving a colour coded overall score Print targets with tolerances and scoring are fully customisable. Score the spot colours, CMYK and overall.
  • Dynamic Density Adjustment(DDA) uniquely predicts best possible density based on the selected print target and the actual paper, ink, chemistry in use for that job
  • Auto target adjustment for substrate - user doesn't need to create a multitude of press targets for each substrate to get best quality of print.
  • Create and update tonal curves using either TVI (dot gain), 4CX technology (grey balance) or Neutral Print Density.
  • Print Targets - all international standards supported. Print targets fully customisable
  •  Spot Colours - includes PANTONE™ libraries for up to 16 colour printing, create custom spot libraries
  • Spot Colours Tints - use pressSIGN's Visual Linear Target (VLT) technology to set the tint target or measure previously printed tints as your target.
  •  Soft Proof at the press or in the production office, see the impact of paper colour and the actual press measurements on the job
  • Check Consistency across the press and against the OK sheet

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The best thing about working with Park Printing is that I can relax! I'm given updates throughout the printing process--without having to ask--and the final product is excellent and competitively priced. Excellent service and superb value...

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