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Prepress Services & CAD Prototyping

We believe collaboration is key to any project's success. It's why our teams work together both internally and with the client during prepress and why we maintain an open-door policy during press checks. Collaboration, design, prototyping, plating, and proofing: quality happens here.

Complete Design and Proofing Services

Park’s prepress services team handles the entire process in-house, from creating designs to prototyping, proofing, and plating. We produce photopolymer plates on-site so that we can get them to the floor as quickly as possible. It helps us not only deliver shorter lead times but to eliminate errors. Here, every detail matters.

  • Graphic Design & Packaging Design
  • CAD and Prototyping
  • Color Correction, Retouching, and Enhancement
  • Digital Prepress Services
  • Fully Automated Direct-To-Plate
  • Backup and Archive Standards
  • On-Site Plate Production and Management
  • Color Theory Expertise
  • Mac and PC

Our Prepress Equipment

Canon IPF 8300S Double Sided Proofer

Equipped with an 8-Color LUCIA EX ink set, 160GB hard drive, built-in calibration and 44" borderless printing. An extremely versatile solution on providing high quality contract proofs.

Canon IPF 8300S Double Sided Proofer
Epson Styles 9900 Pro

Epson Styles 9900 Pro

  • Print on both roll or flat sheet up to 44" wide
  • High Resolution printing capabilities of 2880 x 1440 DPI and Droplet size down to 3.5 picoliters
  • Driven by Oris Color Tuner

pressSIGN Pro Press Management & Verification Software

  • Scores the measurement against the print target giving a colour coded overall score
  • Print targets with tolerances and scoring are fully customisable. Score the spot colours, CMYK and overall.
  • Dynamic Density Adjustment(DDA) uniquely predicts best possible density based on the selected print target and the actual paper, ink, chemistry in use for that job
  • Auto target adjustment for substrate - user doesn't need to create a multitude of press targets for each substrate to get best quality of print.
  • Create and update tonal curves using either TVI (dot gain), 4CX technology (grey balance) or Neutral Print Density.
  • Print Targets - all international standards supported. Print targets fully customisable
  • Spot Colours - includes PANTONE™ libraries for up to 16 colour printing, create custom spot libraries
  • Spot Colours Tints - use pressSIGN's Visual Linear Target (VLT) technology to set the tint target or measure previously printed tints as your target.
  • Soft Proof at the press, see the impact of paper colour and the actual press measurements on the job
  • Check Consistency across the press and against the OK sheet
pressSIGN Pro Press Management & Verification Software

"I have worked with and known Sandy Waryan for many years. Sandy is very responsive and thorough in handling our print projects. I appreciate her high energy and attention to detail. Sandy’s very professional, but also fun to work with! On a recent print project at Park Printing, Sandy was going to be out of town when I would be there for the press check. She assured me that her CSR and staff at Park would take great care of our project. Sandy was right! Great printing, great service and great people at Park Printing all around."

Cheryl Peterson, Deli Express® / E.A. Sween Company

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