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Our Process and The Customer Service Experience

Video Transcript

Welcome to Park Printing. We are a family-owned and operated printing company in Northeast Minneapolis. We are a midsize printer with large printer capabilities and we're very proud of that.

Right now we have a vast array of capabilities: large format offset presses with UV, two flatbed UV devices that can print on pretty much anything from paper to UV printing, do Litho labels. We're able to do retail signage, print on plastic, metal, wood, fabric, canvas, and vinyl. We're also in the packaging industry. We also do traditional commercial printing.

Our 64-inch large format KBA press is unique because it has LED UV. When we put it in a couple of years ago, we were one of the first presses in the country to have that. It doesn't have the heat involved in traditional UV, which is extremely economical, green, good for the environment, and seventy percent less electricity than traditional.

We have a 41-inch KBA offset press. We also have a flatbed area with digital devices in there, including roll devices and digital cutting. We also have a digital NexPress to do variable data and small runs.

Our quality is second to none and we work very hard to stay at the forefront of technology.

We take pride in our customer care and our service. My brother and I both take a personal side in that. We're able to provide that personalized service to our customers and it goes a long way.

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