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The Story Of Park Printing

Video Transcript

I'm Mike Koloski, the Vice President of Park Printing. My brother Tim and I are co-owners of Park Printing. We are a family-owned and operated printing company in Northeast Minneapolis. 

The company was purchased in 1979 by our father. It was a small two-color shop at the time. It didn't have a prepress department. It roughly had probably 12 employees. Originally it was 7,500 square feet.

The company grew from that point and in 1998 we built this building that we're in now, which was about 50,000 square feet. And then just recently in the last year, we went to 80,000 square feet.

I would say what makes us unique is our capabilities and the people that work here at Park Printing. When my father purchased the company, he listened to employees and listened to their needs and we've continued that through the years. 

There are quite a few people who have worked here for a long time. We also have a lot of people that have come from other printing companies. 

Park Printing is an employee-driven company. Everyone takes everything personally. And I think that the fact that we're still family-owned and run means we're able to provide that personalized service to our customers and it's very valuable to our success. 

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